What is “FUD”?

What does FUD mean?

Definition: FUD

FUD is an acronym for fear, uncertainty and doubt. It is a propaganda tactic used in sales, politics and cults. It is also a strategy to influence perception by disseminating negative or false information.

FUD is a manifestation of the appeal to fear.


The term appears as far back as the 1920s, but is a common tactic that has been used throughout humanity. Fear, uncertainty and doubt has been used to instill ideas into peoples minds for generations.

Examples of FUD have even been written about in Shakespeare’s Othello.

It is commonly used in sales by spreading questionable information about the drawbacks of less well-known products, an established company can discourage decision-makers from choosing those products over its own, regardless of the relative technical merits.

On Wall Street Bets, FUD was popularized during the rapid rise in price of GME shares. When certain tickers were restricted by the app Robin Hood several users posted about hedge funds and networks like CNBC for disseminating fear.

Several posts read like full blown conspiracy theories when brokers restricted trading. There was a lot of specific data that showed that GME was in for a big short squeeze that has not yet come to fruition. The posts claimed that large Wall Street firms were spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt.

FUD is also one of the most recognized refrigerated food brands in Mexico. In this case FUD is short for Fine, Unique and Delicious. It is a highly recommended brand of sliced meats to purchase when you are on a booze fueled vacation in Cancún.


”There will be a lot of FUD in the media this weekend, but I’m still holding.”

“Be warned, the FUD attack is not over.”

“Ignore the FUD and hang on!”

An image with the abbreviation hashtag FUD
What is FUD? Fear, uncertainty and doubt and a popular sliced meats brand in Mexico.

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