What is a “stonk”?

What is the definition of a stonk?

Definition: Stonk

A purposeful misspelling of the word stock.


The word stonk started as a simple image created by unknown online market enthusiasts. It was first discovered on FaceBook in 2017 in its now recognizable and iconic form.

The classic image depicts a stock photo business man body with a 3D rendered head. He is standing in front of a ticker with an arrow pointing up.

The image became a popular starting point for jokes about making dumb life and financial decisions. Since then several other memes have been made out of the image. Phrases such as “Stonks only go up” and “The stonk market” are two common phrases used in online forums.

It is mostly just a funny way to say the word stocks and is the inspiration for the name of this website. But is also an important saying to refer to stocks in an ironic way especially in the case of financial loses. As a result, it has become a trending and popular word when people make poor investment decisions.

The word stonk is also a noun meaning a concentrated military bombardment.


”Just liquidated 100K worth of stonks.”

“Stonks go brr”

“Got high on weed stonks and forgot to sell the top…”

Original “Stonks” Guy

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