What does “YOLO” mean?

What does YOLO mean in regard to buying stocks?

Definition: YOLO

YOLO is an abbreviation for you only live once. In Wall Street Bets lingo it means to drop all of your available assets and cash into one high risk trade.


YOLO is the modern version of “Carpe Diem” or seize the day. It became popular on the internet in 2012 and is a call to action to live life to its fullest while also ignoring all inherent risk.

In the stock market the phrase is frequently used by online traders to share their risky bets. It became popular to YOLO on a stock and to share a screenshot of your trade to other users in online forums. The results have been mixed.

Investors sometimes share YOLO updates that show extreme gains or crushing loses.

With high inherent risk involved in any trade, YOLO’ing a stock raises the bar even higher. It can lead to unimaginable riches or tremendous failure. Examples of each have been found in online forums. Oftentimes others try to repeat other’s YOLOs that almost always end in failure.

Mainstream Wall Street took notice to the word, and coined a new category of stocks called “YOLO Stocks”. These new portfolio includes several stocks, most notably GME and AMC. Online investors are often looking for the next YOLO stock in the pursuit of riches.

YOLO is also the ticker symbol for the Pure Cannabis ETF that trades on the NYSE Arca.


”What’s a good YOLO stock that’ll either make me big or ruin me?”

“Should I sell all my tech stock and yolo it into xyz calls?”

“Since today is a slow day, here is an update on my 30K penny stock YOLO.”

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YOLO plays can lead to big gains or big loses.

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