What does the rocket emoji mean?

What does it mean when a stock has a rocket next to it?

Definition: Rocket Emoji

When a stock has a rocket emoji associated, it means the stock is about to take off in an upward direction leading to gains. Investor sentiment is high and the price will increase rapidly.


It is uncertain where this term originated, but likely was influenced by the Emoji keyboard. The rocket emoji has been adopted as a quick way to share that you believe a stock price is going to rocket up. It is frequently combined with the moon emoji to indicate bullish sentiment or can be repeated over and over to indicate extremely bullish sentiment.

In current online investing forums and on Reddit the rocket emoji is commonplace. The rocket emoji itself has reached such heights of popularity that users have gotten the emoji tattooed on their bodies.

Other metaphorical scenarios have been influenced by the rocket emoji. Users will say that a rocket is fueling up as a stock price consolidates before a quick gap up in price. Another common scenario is that the rocket is refueling on the moon for its next leg of space travel to Mars or other planets. Frequently other investors will ask if it is too late to get on board a certain rocket. Really asking if it is too late to purchase a stock because the price has already gone significantly up. Investors that are on the rocket will usually encourage others to get on board, even though the rocket has already taken off, but it has not gone beyond Earth’s atmosphere yet.

The rocket can also indicate bearish sentiment if used in a specific way. A rocket can have a failure to launch, or be compared with other real world rocket launches that have failed.




β€œGet on this rocket to the moon!”

An image with the word hashtag rocket
This stock is taking a rocket to the moon!

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