What does moon mean?

What does it mean for a stock to Moon, or be mooning?

Definition: Moon or Mooning

When a stock is said to “Moon” it means that a speculator/investor believes that the stock will post huge gains in the coming time period. An explosive increase in price. The stock price goes so high that it is believed that it may reach the moon.


It is uncertain where this term originated, but it is a common phrase used in stock and cryptocurrency speculation. It has been seen in online forums dating back to 2013, especially referring to various cryptocurrencies. When investor outlook is overall positive comments will typically say that an individual stock will go “to the moon” or is “mooning”

Mooning implies that a specific security is already flying sky high towards the moon. Where as “moon” will typically imply that a speculator believes a security is about to fly sky high.

It is frequently represented in comments as the moon Emoji, 🌕. Oftentimes it is partnered with the rocket emoji. Metaphorically, this combination encourages investors to get on the rocket before the share price travels outside of Earth’s atmosphere on its way to the moon.

This phrase has also led to an entire lexicon of various astronomy related price predictions. Sometimes investors will state that a stock is traveling beyond the moon to planets like Mars, Uranus or Pluto. Pluto has become popular, and it implies that a stock price is going to go up so far that it is traveling outside of Earth’s atmosphere to reach the farthest planet in our solar system.



”xyz stock is going to the moon”

“Fueling our rocket ship right now for our ascent to the moon”

An image with the word hashtag moon
We are going to the Moon!

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