What does HODL mean?

Definition: HODL

HODL is slang used in the stock and cryptocurrency communities for holding a security instead of selling it.


It dates back to 2013 when an incoherent bitcoin trader posted that he was “Hodling” as the price of bitcoin dropped. Almost immediately afterwards it became a meme and was adopted by several other security traders. Later on, it became part of the retail investors lexicon.

Some investors have expanded upon its origin. It has now been made into an acronym that stands for “hold on for dear life”.

The term is frequently used in online forums when a stock price is going down. By using the phrase, an investor explains their intent to hold in disregard to current market conditions.

Holding a stock during market volatility has become a badge of honor on forums like Wall Street Bets. During the gamestop run of early 2021 it became a common theme to hold GME. Even as prices collapsed from their all time highs some investors held onto the stock.

If an investor has diamond hands it is easier for them to HODL a stock or an options contract.



“HODL is a state of mind”

“HODL is a lifestyle. HODL is love.”

HODL is a state of mind and a hashtag.

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