What does “EOW” mean?

What does EOW mean in the stock market?

Definition: EOW

EOW is an abbreviation for end of week.


The stock market is only open for normal trading during certain hours Monday through Friday. The market is closed on bank holidays. As a result there are only certain days that investors can trade, and places extra importance on each trading day.

Investors are keen to identify various market trends that occur over the week. This places special importance on making predictions for the end of the week. Friday is the final trading day of the week until pre market on Monday morning.

Online forums like Wall Street Bets is full of weekly predictions that will happen by the end of the week. A lot of times these are just hopeful predictions because the person posting the prediction is holding a stock. There is a hope that a stock will go up or down over the course of a week.

Especially when the market or a stock is down at the beginning of the week there are numerous bold predictions that it will turn around by Friday. Most of this is only wishful thinking.

There are other associated abbreviations. EOM is short of end of month and EOY is short for end of year. Investors interested in risky short term gains are not interested in using these two abbreviations. Instant gratification is only tolerable for so long, and a month or a year is too long to wait for a desired result.


”IF XYZ gets to $16 EOW I will get a half sleeve tattoo that is XYZ themed. Promises will be kept.”

“This stock is going to the moon. $1000 by EOW”

“XYZ is down 30 percent EOW, keep holding and buying the dip. Do not abandon ship!”

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Weekends are rough with no trading, but stocks will go up by EOW.

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