What does ATH mean?

What does ATH mean?

Definition: ATH

ATH is an abbreviation for All Time High. This means that the price of a certain stock has broken past all of its past records. It is trading at the highest price it has ever achieved.


In 1983 Rita Coolidge released a single called “All Time High” which was introduced as the theme song for the James Bond film Octopussy. Wall Street traders took notice and coined it as a phrase to describe a stock trading at the highest price it has ever achieved.

In online forums when a stock achieves a new ATH it is a time for celebration. It has become customary to play the song “All Time High” at maximum volume and reflect upon its lyrics.

On an all time high
We’ll take on the world and wait

So hold on tight, 
let the flight begin

I don’t want to waste a waking moment, 
I don’t want to sleep

I’m in so strong and so deep
And so are you


“Just hit a new ATH”

“I believe in this bull run, expect more ATHs”

“Why do I always buy at an ATH and then the stock tanks?”

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New All Time Highs are beautiful.

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