What are “BANG” stocks?

What are BANG stocks?

Definition: BANG

BANG stocks are stocks that were popularized in online forums during the rapid rise of GME stock in early 2021. BANG is an acronym for BB, AMC, NOK and GME.


FANG stocks refer to four American technology companies. Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google. When the subreddit Wall Street Bets gained massive popularity during the rise of GME, Reddit users created their own portfolio of stocks. The BANG stocks were born.

BANG stocks include BlackBerry, AMC, Nokia and Gamestop. All four stocks were heavily shorted by hedge funds at the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021. Therefore they were targeted by several online forums as the choice stocks for retail investors. All counting on a short squeeze.

During the skyrocketing price of GME, the Robin Hood app banned or restricted trading on all four of these stocks. Some have considered this to be a conspiracy.

They continued to gain popularity outside of the realm of Reddit and continue to be a point of conversation in mainstream media.

It is still yet to be decided if any of these four stocks will be squeezed. However they all share similar trends and similar charts. When one of these stocks rises or drops the others follow suit.

All four stocks continue to share the spotlight, some more than others.


”BANG stocks pop!”

“Forget about FANG stocks, BANG stocks will outperform this year!”

“If you look at all the BANG stocks it’s a sea of red, and they all look almost identical.”

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