What are tendies?

What are Tendies? A word frequently found on Wall Street Bets, but what does it mean?

Definition: Tendies

A slang term meaning gains, profits or money. Short for chicken tenders. Especially in regard to stocks or cryptocurrencies. Used frequently on Reddit investment forums.


The origin of “tendies” is not thoroughly investigated. However, it is commonly believed that it first started on a 4chan message board. The word was later popularized on the subreddit Wall Street Bets. It has since become commonplace on most online investing forums.

Originally it referred to getting chicken tenders for good behavior. It is a play on the story of a man-child that likely lives in his mother’s basement and receives what is considered to be children food as a reward. More recently, chicken tenders was shortened to tendies, and a new mainstream meme was born.

Currently it represents an investor who has made serious gains from the sale of a stock or other financial asset. It caught on like wildfire and is now widely adopted as a comedic slang word.

Mainstream media has taken note, and some fast food restaurants have offered free tendie promotions for actual chicken tenders. Meme marketing has become popularized over the past several years. Occasionally reporters on CNBC will awkwardly use the phrase, not understanding its full power.

Users on several online forums and websites use the word tendies. The word is sometimes accompanied by photos of chicken tenders or cash. The word is also sometimes combined with other words. For example, “Tendie Land”, “Tendie Coaster” and “Tendie-licious”. The variations are endless.

Investors congratulate each other on their tendies and show remorse for missed tendies.


“Check out these sweet delicious tendies!”

“Using some of my GME tendies to pay down my student loan debt.”

”Put your tendies in the oven, we are going to the moon this week!”

Delicious Tendies

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