After a Big Wall Street Rally here are the top 10 stocks trending online to watch tomorrow (March 2nd, 2021)

Several websites track online sentiment for stocks. Through an analysis of frequency and comment data it is possible to gauge trader sentiment. It is in no way scientific, but it does give an idea as to how the retail investment crowd feels about a particular stock. 

If there is more positive commentary, retail investors are bullish on the stock. 

If there is more negative commentary, retail investors are bearish on the stock.

This list shows the top 10 trending stocks that people are currently talking about the most online. Also, keep in mind that trending stocks and investor sentiment can rapidly change. This list was compiled at 10:00pm ET on March 1st and could be a leading indicator of stock prices for March 2nd. 

Adding these to a watchlist is a way to monitor how much online sentiment aligns with actual market performance.

RKTRocket CompaniesBullish
AMCAMC EntertainmentBullish
SPYSPDR S&P 500Neutral
SOSSOS Limited FinanceBullish
ZMZoom VideoBearish
SQSquare TechnologyBullish
Post-market Sentiment March 1st, 2021

Key Changes

  • Investors are currently bullish on 9 trending stocks.
  • RKT has moved up to the most commented trending stock. Strong bullish sentiment.
  • NIO has moved up and is being talked about after their earnings report. Strong bullish sentiment.
  • SPY is neutral and doesn’t show any strong bullish or bearish sentiment.
  • SOS entered the top 10 after issuing a statement about short-sellers, that calmed investors’ fears. Showing strong bullish sentiment.
  • ZM has moved into the top 10 most discussed, however investors are neutral and slightly bearish on the stock after a recent positive earnings report.
  • SQ is once again beginning to be discussed more frequently in online forums. They announced Square Financial Services to begin their own banking operations and shows strong bullish sentiment.
  • BB & APHA have fallen out of the top 10 and are not being discussed as frequently.

Necessary Disclaimer

This is not investment advice. There is no magical formula to determine if a stock is going up or down. There are indicators and other tools that investors can use at their own disposal to make their own decision on an investment. The best advice is to do your own research on a particular stock and make the judgement for yourself if you would like to invest. This website takes no responsibility for any potential gains or loses.


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