What does moon mean?

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What does it mean for a stock to Moon, or be mooning? Definition: Moon or Mooning When a stock is said to “Moon” it means that a speculator/investor believes that the stock will post huge gains in the coming time period. An explosive increase in price. The stock price goes so high that it is …

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What does ATH mean?

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What does ATH mean? Definition: ATH ATH is an abbreviation for All Time High. This means that the price of a certain stock has broken past all of its past records. It is trading at the highest price it has ever achieved. Origin In 1983 Rita Coolidge released a single called “All Time High” which …

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What is a Bull Market

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What is a “Bull Market”? Definition: Bull Market or Bullish A Bull is a speculator that believes that prices will rise in the market. The economic outlook is overall positive and that stocks will go up. If the entire market is trending upwards it is considered to be a bull market. An optimistic outlook on …

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What are diamond hands?

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What are Diamond Hands? Definition: Diamond Hands Diamond Hands means to keep on holding a stock with disregard to current market conditions.   Origin This is a Wall Street Bets mainstay. The phrase is found frequently in the comments section, especially when a stock is extremely volatile. It rose to popularity during the GameStop (GME) …

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What are tendies?

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What are Tendies? A word frequently found on Wall Street Bets, but what does it mean? Definition: Tendies A slang term meaning gains, profits or money. Short for chicken tenders. Especially in regard to stocks or cryptocurrencies. Used frequently on Reddit investment forums. Origin The origin of “tendies” is not thoroughly investigated. However, it is …

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