What does it mean to “Gap up” or “Gap down”?

An image with the word hashtag gap referring to gap up or gap down

What is the definition of a gap up or gap down? Frequently referred to as gapping. Definition: Gapping Gapping occurs when the price of a stock, or other asset, opens above or below the previous day’s close with no trading activity in between.   Origin Gapping has its origins in technical analysis or reading charts. A gap is the …

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What is “FOMO”?

An image with the abbreviation hashtag fomo

What does FOMO mean? Definition: FOMO FOMO is an acronym that is short for fear of missing out. Is a social anxiety that refers to to the apprehension that one is either not in-the-know or missing out on information, events, experiences, or decisions that could make their life better. Origin The origin of FOMO has …

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What is “FUD”?

An image with abbreviation hashtag FUD

What does FUD mean? Definition: FUD FUD is an acronym for fear, uncertainty and doubt. It is a propaganda tactic used in sales, politics and cults. It is also a strategy to influence perception by disseminating negative or false information. FUD is a manifestation of the appeal to fear. Origin The term appears as far back …

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What are “LEAPS”?

An image with the abbreviation hashtag leaps

In financial terms, what are LEAPS? Definition: LEAPS In basic English, LAEPS are an option contract with a much longer expiration date than a typical option. LEAPS is an acronym for Long Term Equity Anticipation Security. Origin LEAPS were first introduced in the 1990s as a way to bet on long term gains in a …

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What is a “stonk”?

An image with the word hashtag stonk

What is the definition of a stonk? Definition: Stonk A purposeful misspelling of the word stock. Origin The word stonk started as a simple image created by unknown online market enthusiasts. It was first discovered on FaceBook in 2017 in its now recognizable and iconic form. The classic image depicts a stock photo business man …

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What does HODL mean?

An image with the meme hashtag HODL

Definition: HODL HODL is slang used in the stock and cryptocurrency communities for holding a security instead of selling it. Origin It dates back to 2013 when an incoherent bitcoin trader posted that he was “Hodling” as the price of bitcoin dropped. Almost immediately afterwards it became a meme and was adopted by several other …

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