What is STONX all about?

Story time.

In elementary school I was introduced to investing through a special finance class. I was intrigued by the fact that people invested money in different companies and industries to make profit.

Later in life when I was first beginning my professional career I was enrolled in an employee stock program. As many do, I didn’t really think about it. Five years of successful business later, I signed back into my investing account and was surprised at what I saw! I had made a lot of profit from money that I would have otherwise spent frivolously. Meanwhile the money that I had stashed away into a savings account for a rainy day had done nothing.

It reignited my interest in Wall Street and the stock market. There is a lot of potential in investing my money this way but also a lot of risk. I started looking for places to learn more about the stock market. I bought books, read posts online and talked about it with friends. The information was still difficult to come by.

With the advent of online forums, apps, Reddit and social media there was a sudden surge of interest in the stock market and a seemingly endless supply of information, both good and bad. When I first started browsing Wall Street Bets and Stock Twits I found it difficult to understand some of the lingo. I had to search a lot of terms and definitions online. I also found it difficult to find good ideas for stocks to follow.

How does this site help?

One part of this site is an attempt to define some of these terms and explain the lingo. There is also an element of humor. Investing should be fun, and these online forums are funny places to be. I wanted to translate that same feel to this site.

In addition to learning the lingo, I also wanted to provide a place for beginner retail investors to learn more about how to invest in markets, much like I did. Beginners guides, tips, tricks and observations will all be a part of this site. It is not financial advice telling people which stocks to buy, but rather a place for them to learn and make their own decisions.

The third part of this site is to provide a place to go to get stock ideas. With the rise of the retail investor, there is a wealth of information out there. The problem I saw is that none of the websites I could find were designed for new investors. This site is a place to share observations and analysis about stocks that are trending online.

The last part of this site is purely for creative and personal reasons. I have always wanted to be a writer/journalist. The trick is finding a topic that fuels your passion. I have a passion for markets and trading and will love sharing my thoughts and ideas on trading.

Why β€œFear and Loathing on Wall Street?”

The writer in me wants to pay tribute to some of my own favorite writers. Hunter S. Thompson is not only one of my favorite writers, but his writing gives a tangible feel to a place and time in history. It was the pulse of a generation. His landmark book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas sets the tone for an epic and substance fueled search for the American Dream in a place that is overrun by Hedons. Sound familiar?

The modern feel of Wall Street has similar vibes. People searching for the American Dream by making bets on industries and companies that have the opportunity to amass great wealth or fail horribly. There is plenty of fear and there is plenty of loathing.

Stonx.co is a site for entertainment, fun, to find some good stocks and ideally to learn something new about the market.

Fear and Loathing on Wall Street