5 Free Apps to give you a leg up on the competition, that every Retail Investor should download now

Since the invention of the internet and the smartphone investing has changed. When I was a kid I remember my Dad reading stock quotes in the daily newspaper. When the internet arrived it made it easy to check almost up to date stock quotes. Now with smartphones the average retail investor has access to Wall Street from the palm of their hands. This is a list of 5 free apps that every investor should download to their phone to have an advantage on the stock market.

Social App – Reddit

An image of the reddit iOS app a great place for retail investor news

Simply said, Reddit has become a powerful tool for the retail investor. There are several different subreddits to join to follow the stock market closely. The infamous r/wallstreetbets is a crowd favorite, however other groups are represented as well. Others like r/stockmarket or r/stocks are great places to find trade ideas and discuss with others. Day traders can join r/daytrading and options traders flock to r/options. You can search for anything that you are interested in on Reddit and join that group to see all the latest posts.

As their slogan implies “Dive into anything”.

Notable mentions: StockTwits, Twitter

Charting App – TradingView

An image of the TradingView app logo for stock charts

TradingView is not only for viewing charts. It has great tools for technical analysis built-in. One of my favorite features is the ability to view other users “ideas”. Users post charts that they have analyzed and then share trends that they have identified. If you are into technical analysis, this is the app for you. Additionally users have the ability to create a watchlist to quickly share or check ideas.

If you have a tablet this app is even better for viewing and analyzing charts.

Notable mentions: Your broker app

Watchlist App – Yahoo! Finance

An image of the yahoo finance app logo

Yahoo! Finance is one of my favorite apps for creating watchlists. It is simple to create multiple lists, they sync between devices and offer just the right amount of detail on each stock. A favorite feature is that the app sends you notifications based on your watchlists. At the end of each trading day I get a recap notification on some of the biggest movers from my lists. This is also one of the best notification apps available for your smartphone but combined with the ease of creating watchlists makes it a must have app.

Notable mentions: Your broker app, Investing.com

Notification App – MarketWatch

MarketWatch is one of the best news apps for the stock market

MarketWatch has a lot of great information built into their app, and frequently posts the latest news notifications. They keep their notifications simple and to the point, but provide updates to indicators and breaking news that will impact the market. If you browse through the menus in the app they have some great information about stock futures and pre-market/post-market movers.

Notable mentions: CNBC, News App

Trading App – Your Brokerage App

The best app for trading is going to depend a lot on which broker you currently use. There are pros and cons to each broker and their app. Most broker apps have features built in to make it easy to trade stocks right from your phone. Some have put in more development into their apps than others, but a broker app really comes down to what works for you.


There are hundreds of other finance apps that I have used on my phone, but these are some of my favorites. I would recommend downloading any app that interests you and see if it has features that appeal to you. Hopefully this list will get you started with some great recommended stock market apps.

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